Test results

To view your test results, you can do this using the NHS App.

The NHS App is available on mobile iOS and Android. Or on your computer NHS account.

To use the NHS App, you must be aged 13 or over and registered with a GP surgery in England.

Find out more about the NHS App.

We’re deeply committed to empowering our patients to take charge of their health. Did you know you can instantly access all your health records? By using the NHS App, you can view your records whenever and wherever you want, truly putting you at the helm of your health journey.

  • If your test results are abnormal, we will contact you to book an appointment to discuss your results with the clinician.
  • Our reception/admin staff can inform you just about the basic nature of your results (normal, abnormal, satisfactory, or unsatisfactory) but are not authorized to discuss them in detail because they are not medically trained.